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Teeth Whitening in Essex

Dr Pola Reza is renowned for providing a unique experience to revitalise your teeth with their natural appearance and tone while creating a smile that is exceptionally beautiful inside and out.

From your everyday ordinary to extra-ordinary

When you are used to your everyday smile, you are unaware of the change in colour, the layering of debris, and the disappearance of your dazzling smile.

When you become the proud owner of your bespoke whitening kit, you are set up for life. You can continue to use your kit time and time again to replenish the one thing in the mirror that you admire most, your stunning smile.

teeth whitening in essex with dr pola reza

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is through food and drink, smoking, or general daily lifestyle habits, our teeth will eventually tarnish and lose their colour. With our professional teeth whitening system, we can eliminate discolouration and staining, as well as reverse the effects of aging.

There is no risk to your dental health and general well-being if you undergo teeth whitening. We have tips and tricks for limiting your sensitivity to teeth whitening.

Occasionally, teeth whitening may cause some sensitivity, however this will subside shortly after stopping the process. Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, and young people under 18 years of age should not undergo teeth whitening.

Home whitening systems allow you to control how white your teeth should become. By doing more whitening, you will be able to achieve a whiter smile. However, our teeth cannot be whited as white as they can be with the mere use of teeth whitening alone.

In order to demonstrate the great results of our dental services, our dentists always take before and after photos of your teeth.

This can vary with each individual, however you can always top-up your whitening. Contact your dentist to discuss this.

Teeth whitening does not change the colour of these. However these can all be changed to match your new refreshed smile.