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Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth creates a unique experience that rejuvenates your smile.

Treatments Start From £395

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From ordinary to extra-ordinary

Having a white smile is notably the easiest and most efficient way to feel better about your appearance.

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Benefits of Teeth Whitening in Essex

Whilst you may feel self-conscious with the yellowing across your teeth right now, teeth-whitening treatments Dr Pola Reza has many benefits that take you from being self-conscious to confident and happier.

Enhanced Appearance

Teeth whitening is commonly performed to improve tooth appearance. Whiter teeth can enhance your appearance and make you appear more attractive and youthful.

Increased Confidence

You may feel more confident and more comfortable smiling and conversing with others if your teeth are whiter.

Improved Oral Hygiene

The treatment of teeth whitening has been found to encourage individuals to maintain better oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing regularly, after undergoing the treatment.

Removes Surface Stains

Many foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, red wine, can stain teeth.

Safe and Effective

professional teeth whitening is safe and effective. Most clients have noticeable results after a single treatment.


Whitening your teeth is a non-invasive procedure that does not require anaesthesia or recovery time.


Clients can manage the cost of teeth whitening treatments with the help of financing options.

Long-lasting Results

Teeth whitening results can last many years with proper maintenance and follow-up treatments.

Teeth Whitening Process

You can continue to use your bespoke whitening kit time after time to nourish that one feature you cherish most, your smile. Becoming a proud owner of your customised whitening kit sets you up for life.

Expected Results of Teeth-Whitening

A perfect smile can do wonders for your oral health and your life in general. With Pola Reza’s teeth-whitening treatments, you will experience unparalleled confidence.

Getting your teeth whitened is a very effective way to remove surface stains caused by food, beverages and tobacco use.

Whitening your teeth can improve the appearance of your smile, giving it a youthful and attractive appearance.

Having a brighter, whiter smile increases self-confidence and encourages people to smile and engage in social interaction more often.

Whitening your teeth can motivate you to maintain good oral hygiene practices, such as regular brushing and flossing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it is through food and drink, smoking, or general daily lifestyle habits, our teeth will eventually tarnish and lose their colour. With our professional teeth whitening system, we can eliminate discolouration and staining, as well as reverse the effects of aging.

There is no risk to your dental health and general well-being if you undergo teeth whitening. We have tips and tricks for limiting your sensitivity to teeth whitening.

Occasionally, teeth whitening may cause some sensitivity, however this will subside shortly after stopping the process. Pregnant women, breast feeding mothers, and young people under 18 years of age should not undergo teeth whitening.

Home whitening systems allow you to control how white your teeth should become. By doing more whitening, you will be able to achieve a whiter smile. However, our teeth cannot be whited as white as they can be with the mere use of teeth whitening alone.

This can vary with each individual, however you can always top-up your whitening. Contact your dentist to discuss this.

Teeth whitening does not change the colour of these. However these can all be changed to match your new refreshed smile.

Treatment Fees


Composite Bonding

Composite Edge Bonding £285 per tooth
£285 per tooth
£300 per tooth

Free Whitening and Retainer

Looking to have composite bonding on 8 or more teeth? Get free teeth whitening and a retainer to complete your rewarding smile.

Teeth Whitening

From £395

Free Whitening and Retainer

With Invisalign Lite and Comprehensive, get free teeth whitening and a retainer to keep your smile looking 100%.


From £850