Composite Bonding

It takes every detail to achieve the perfect smile.

Pola Reza offers composite bonding in Essex for people who want to enhance their smile. This method is used to repair chipped, discoloured, or defective teeth.

Creating harmony through symmetry

A symmetrical smile is sculpted with precision and quality by Dr Reza. Composite bonding is a conservative method of treating dental decay by applying filling resin to your teeth.

The benefits of composite bonding

Pola Reza offers virtually undetectable enhancements to your teeth and smile, from a Hollywood smile makeover to a virtually undetectable enhancement.

Enhance the appearance of the smile and is an alternative to veneers.

Restoring or repairing chipped, worn, cracked, or stained teeth.

It is used to close gaps between teeth.

How can we help?

Feeling good with your smile

It’s more than just restoring your smile when it comes to reconnecting with it.

The power of a smile ignites the light in our lives. Let composite bonding ignite yours as well.

Same Day Results

The same-day duration allows you to walk out with a fresh look.


The natural teeth do not need to be drilled or filed down.


During your treatment, you will not be required to use needles or injections.

How it works

01. Consultation

Assessment of the smile and discussion of available options, dental examination, X-rays, and a treatment plan.

02. Teeth Whitening

Home teeth whitening for period of 2-4 weeks.

03. Application of Composite

Using composite to enhance smiles in a way that matches your desired style, shade, and contour.

04. Smile Reveal

After a wonderful journey, Dr Reza introduces you to your brand new smile.

05. Review and Retainer

Upon reviewing your composites, your cosmetic dentist will recommend a retainer to ensure their longevity.

You can also receive a smile makeover on the same day (composite bonding). We can skip some stages so the consultation is followed by composite bonding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Composite bonding is a safe conservative treatment and in most cases no shaving or drilling is required of your natural teeth.

It is unlikely you will need any injections. In the rare occasion where your teeth are generally very sensitive, you may opt for numbing for comfort.

Typically composites can last 5-7 years dependent upon care and like most cosmetic dental treatments they will eventually need replacing.

There is no specific amount and is individual based on your needs. For a smile makeover look for best results you may consider 8-10 composites.

It is always recommended to straighten your teeth first. However if you have slight misalignment it may not always be necessary to straighten first as composite bonding can mask this. Your dentist will assess your teeth and advice accordingly.